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Ľuboš Hládek



Ing. Ľuboš Hládek
Jesenná 5 (room 024)
Košice, Slovakia
email: lubos (dot) hladek (at) upjs (dot) sk
tel: +421 55 234 2583

Recent publications

Kopčo N., Marcinek Ľ., Tomoriova B., Hládek Ľ. (2015) “Contextual plasticity, top-down, and non-auditory factors in sound localization with a distractor“ JASA-EL. (in press)
Hládek Ľ, Le Dantec C, Seitz A, Kopčo N (2014) “Visual calibration of auditory distance perception” Presented at the 37th MidWinter meeting of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, San Diego, CA. ( abstract, poster)

Hládek Ľ, Tomoriová B, Kopčo N (2014) “Mechanisms of contextual plasticity in localization of click sounds with a preceding distractor” Presented at Moving Sound Moving Listener workshop, Glasgow, UK (abstract,poster)

Hládek Ľ, Le Dantec C, Kopčo N, Seitz A (2013). “Ventriloquism effect and aftereffect in the distance dimension,” In: Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, Volume 19, pp. 050042, June 2013; Presented at the ICA 2013, 165th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, 52nd Meeting of the Canadian Acoustical Assocation and the 21st International Congress on Acoustics, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2-7 June 2013 ( link to paper, poster)